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Making the Most of Your Investment in Professional Dog Training

When you hire a trainer, you are investing in our years of experience. You pay to avoid the days, months, and years of mistakes, research, and frustration. Believe me when I tell you, that hiring an expert is the ONLY shortcut there is to have a better behaved dog and a healthy relationship. Cutting other corners is not worth while and will cost you money, frustration, and progress in the long run. We make specific recommendations on management, products, tools, training, schedules, and prevention based on what we know of your dog and of behavior/training in general. Yes, there is more than one right way and if you are struggling, a good trainer is happy to talk it through and either find an alternative that works or explain why sticking it out is worth it and why. But ignoring half the advice, being dishonest about your consistency, or not being accountable for your role in the behavior are guaranteed ways to fall short of your potential as a team. It is not the dog or trainer's fault if you do. Our best results are from people who honor their investment and keep up the system that works for their dog. These dogs remain balanced and happy and frustrations are few and far between, while freedom and trust grows exponentially. Invest in the whole process for the best results, even if parts feel arbitrary or tedious. Everything is intentional and in the best interest of the dog and your relationship with them. Cheaper, faster, or easier can and will backfire as much more expensive, slow, and difficult.

-Amanda Hanson, Training Director

To The Rescue Dog Training LLC


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